Monday 11 January 2010

Paw-prints of 'big cat' found in snow near Gravesend.

In December 2009 several photographs were sent to Neil Arnold of what appeared to be 'big cat' prints. The prints were photographed by a Metropolitan policeman in an isolated area. They appear to have been made by a large cat, possibly a black leopard, and are unlike a symmetrical dog print as they are bereft of claw marks, and have all the hallmarks of a cat print. the story can be read HERE courtesy of the Gravesend Reporter.

Dubious paw-prints found at Sittingbourne.

There is some debate as to whether the January 6th 2009 story featured in the Sittingbourne Messenger (read it HERE ) actually shows authentic paw-prints of a 'big cat', i.e. puma or black leopard. Whilst it's understandable that the photo lacks any real definition, the witness was adamant that the prints he found had shown an animal to have travelled from the woods then over the roof of his vehicle (as it was parked over night on his driveway). Although the main pad is not visible, and the print has been disturbed by a rabbit track, there is no evidence to suggest a dog has been in the isolated area. Naturally, when snow thaws it can disfigure and so in the case of the Sittingbourne prints the jury is out.