Wednesday 16 November 2016


Apologies for lack of updates; it has been an extremely busy time with sightings; investigations - for further information visit the Facebook page: BIG CATS IN KENT

Sunday 24 July 2016

Another big cat sighting...

"Yes my husband saw a Puma sized large black cat on 21st July 2016. It was 8pm and a lovely dry day. I was in the green house reaching to water a tomato plant otherwise I would have seen it too. He suddenly screamed '"cat!" very long and loud which I just took as come and look quickly but was unable to move quick enough. I had no idea. What he saw was a very large cat in the corner of our paddock which he must have spooked as it bounded along the fence line right across to the opposite corner and ran up the diagonal wooden brace on the corner post and over it into the wood beyond. On reflection it explains the tone of his shout being more like an urgent warning cry. I was really sorry to have missed it and hope to see it again. We have both owned several cats and a Weimaraner and a Labrador in the past, so we know the difference. Especially how differently they move. We have warned the neighbours but have yet to report it to the Ashdown Rangers."

Thursday 14 July 2016

Cranbrook big cat sighting

"Yesterday; the 13th July at approximately 7 15am I saw a large black cat. I believe it is what you call a panther.
It was coming from the broad bean field and into a small wooded copse near Rolvenden Layne.
It was about 15 yards from me so I had a good view, although brief. It didn’t appear to be in a hurry and just sloped the short distance into the wood.
I have never seen one before.
I was with my rather slow dog and she had stopped behind me."

Another Thanet big cat sighting....

"I live in Thanet - we have two large fields at the the back of our garden.
Any way I have a very strange sleeping patterns and woke up at 4:50 this morning and went out into the back garden to have a cigarette and couldn't believe my eyes as I saw a large black cat. Initially I thought it was a black Labrador but then noticed its tail was to long and it had a small head, no snout. But only as it disappeared out of my sight I realised that what I was looking at was walking like a cat. Only after it had gone I stupidly realised I should have run indoors and grabbed my camera, but I was so mesmerised watching it."

Wednesday 18 May 2016


"My wife and I went out for a drive and to get petrol from minster around 12:30 am we were on the A256 towards plucketts gutter turn of to gore street when in the car headlights we saw a black animal shot across the road my brain didn't quite comprehend why it would be black in headlights. It's eyes were yellow pin pricks in the headlight as it turned it's head towards us. It was to big to be a domestic cat or was quite large maybe bigger than a dog but seemed larger My wife described it's tail as long and thin and it was curved then straight sort of bent. It was all over in less than a second and it was around 50 metres in front of us, I went quite and wanted to turn the car round to check what I'd just seen as it seemed a bizarre experience. Think we may have seen a big cat"

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Monday 21 March 2016


"never thought this would happen to me i was driving back from marden to paddock wood this evening (20th March 2016) and just out side paddock wood on a rd called peasons green rd junction of the turning to old hay scrap yeard i saw in the distance in my head lights what i first thought was the second sighting that night of a fox crossing the rd in front of me but what i saw it was just in range of my head lights a anamal that was bigger then a fox but much taller, higher at the back then the front a long tail, also light in colour but a dark shadow from the tail going along the back, it was a long way off but defo not a deer it was some thing i had never seen before i have lived in the kent country side all my life , am pissed of i was noe a few feet closer with the lights when it crossed the rd"