Friday 29 April 2011

Recent sightings

There have been recent sightings of a black leopard on the Romney Marsh and two miles inward from Herne Bay. The latter sighting took place Sunday 24th April at 12:30 pm. There have been five sightings of a large, black cat on the marshes at Romney.

Friday 22 April 2011

Black leopard sighted at Challock, Ashford

Thursday 21st April 2011
Challock, near Ashford.
Male cyclist travelling towards Gold Hill, Challock. Large, black cat, size of a labrador crossed road slowly twenty-feet ahead.

Monday 18 April 2011

Black leopard sighted at Sheppey

In the past there has been a lot of scepticism regarding the possibility that a black leopard inhabits the Isle of Sheppey. In 2002 it was claimed by a local builder that a large black cat had been shot by a farmer. This has never been proven. Even so, over the last decade there have been a number of sightings which usually come in clusters around the island. Some people may be seeing a large feral cat but others are certainly seeing a cat larger than any feral. A few days ago a black leopard, measuring four-feet in length, was seen on the island by a group of witnesses. The sighting took place in broad daylight as the animal sat in undergrowth stalking rabbits. Although the island is relatively small there is enough marsh and undergrowth to hide a very elusive cat. The big question is, how did it get there ?

Thursday 7 April 2011

Black leopard sighting.

Several sightings have been received during early April, not all will be published here, but here is the latest.

'Hi Neil ..Today (6th April 2011) 1pm in very good light a large black cat (approx 3ft head to rear ) ran across the road in front of us as we drove between Ulcombe and Grafty Green in Eastwood Road; it was close enough for us to be ABSOLUTELY sure of its size.....and the fact it could NOT have been a domestic cat....Kind Regards John '