Sunday 15 February 2015

Big cat sighting at Monkton

I had a really weird experience thus morning (February 15th 2015) that i can't get out my mind. I was driving past monkton nature reserve early today about 5.45 am saw a massive cat run across road and run through the fencing at the top. I've seen the puma at Wingham wildlife Parc and thus animal looked like them. The tail was about 3 foot long"

Big cat sighting at Dover

"We’d like to report a leopard/big black cat sighting this morning (15 February) at about 2.10am.
We’d been driving about 5 minutes from Dover port on the rural A256 Dover Road/ inbetween the Whitfield Bypass /Pineham and Betteshanger, when one ran across the road about 30 yards in front of us. We put the full beams on and noticed the animal was completely black, far too large to be a domestic cat, with big paws and a long tail which the animal was holding up. It was prowling across the street like a big cat, so we are certain it was not a dog. It was about 3ft long."
"My partner and I are both interested in wildlife and have never seen anything like this before in the wild. We have been to the Wildlife Heritage Centre in Ashford for a Big Cat Encounter, and are very familiar with what big cats look like - and it was definitely one!
Up until now have not actually really believed in any of the big cat sightings in the UK, but both my partner and I have been converted and are 100% sure we saw a black big cat (leopard).

We also spotted a lot of rabbits by the side of the road, so it must have been hunting."

Tuesday 3 February 2015

Staplehurst sighting:


"I have just seen a huge black cat around 100 yards way in a snow covered field in Staplehurst.
I estimate it to be at least 4 foot long and jet black. As soon as i stopped and got out of the car, the cat stopped and stared at me intently before bolting across the field at a very high speed before I had a chance to take a picture.

Not sure if your are interested but this happened this morning at around 8.15am."