Tuesday 25 February 2014

Recent puma sighting

"I had quite a experience this afternoon (24/2/2014), I live in Sellindge, Kent and I was looking out of my patio windows across a small field at the back of my garden this afternoon when I noticed something coming up the field behind our house at around 3.50pm , straight away I knew it wasn't any normal indigenous animal or domestic cat. as it turned side on to us I called my wife over and at first she couldn't see it but then i moved into her field of view too. all this was approx 100 120 yrds away. The best description I can give is a sandy/fawn colouring, very short haired and the a dark colour from it's head to its rear end along it's back., which my wife describes as looking similar to when our dogs hackles are up. It's head was definitely feline but it look very small and out of proportion if that makes sense. one thing that sticks in my mind is it's tail, it was long and slender and curled upwards slightly towards the end. Sod law would say that my camera wasn't to hand and I stuck my boots on immediately and went down the field to see if I could see it gain but it had gone.

This isn't the first time I have seen a big cat, in 2005 I also saw a lynx whilst out shooting rabbits."

Tuesday 4 February 2014

New and older sighting...

It's always nice to receive an older sighting every now and then...
" I used to live in Maidstone, Kent between 1992 and 2006 but moved away when I was only 14 years old. I’d like to tell you about something that happened one day. I was quite young at the time, possibly only 8 years old but it’s clearly imprinted upon my memory! I lived in Ditton in a fairly big house and big garden, one afternoon my mum and I were in our conservatory doing some chores. I looked up and saw at the end of our garden an unmistakeably big cat! This thing was by far bigger than any dog I had ever seen. Being so young all I could do was describe it as a lion, which now looking back I know was probably a puma. I desperately shouted at my mum to look up and see as it sat there in perfect view, turning it’s head and observing the area. By the time she looked up it was moving on and she only glimpsed it as it was jumping the hedge to the next garden. We both went out to investigate and look around the area but it was gone.  I still remember it so clearly, but trying to tell anyone that you saw a puma in your garden when you were young is near impossible. So I’ve done my own research and found that actually I’m not alone in these sightings!"

Also receive a relatively fresh sighting:
"Last Saturday (1st Feb') I was driving along a quiet unadopted road (Nevill Park) which is close to Tunbridge Wells town centre but also amongst woodland and open fields. It was about 7pm and I caught sight of a deer. As I was coming out of the road I saw what I would describe as a feline creature, much larger than a normal domestic cat. It was about 20m ahead of me and visibility poor but the silhouette was unmistakable. More squat than long, I think it may have been a Lynx?"