Monday 21 February 2011

Another Gravesend 'big cat' sighting ?

From female witness: 'On Saturday 12th Feb. 8 of us were in Mill wood. We had walked from Cobham, past the Mausoleum, and stopped on the ridge to look across in the direction of Upper Bush. We could see across the valley. In a field, high up on the other side of the valley. We could see, what looked like a large black animal moving across the field. It was alone and moving slowly. We all stared at it, trying to make out what it was. It was low to the ground and seemed to move smoothly. We were trying to work out it's size. It disappeared into the woods. Shortly after, a person came out of the woods, lower down the hillside with 2 dogs. We could then tell that the animal was about the size of a big cat: the length of an horizontal person. We could hardly see the dogs, they were much smaller than the animal we saw.'

Thursday 17 February 2011

Leopard seen at Gravesend again.

14th February 2011 - 1:00pm approx
Marshes at Chalk, Gravesend.
Female witness tending to horses noticed how her animals were staring across the marsh towards a dyke. Witness observed a large black cat, the size of a large dog, slinking across the marsh.

puma seen at New Romney

Friday 11th February 2011 - midnight
St Martin's Road, New Romney

A large cat, fawn in colour was observed by an elderly lady from her bedroom window. The cat crossed the road 25 feet away, sniffed at the tyre of a car and headed off towards fields. The same witness, nine months previous, had seen possibly the same cat.

Thursday 10 February 2011

Black leopard seen at Gravesend and also south London

On 9th February a black leopard was spotted in broad daylight in the Gravesend area. Investigations are currently being carried out. A black leopard has also been seen twice in the Anerley area of south London. A 10-year old girl first saw the animal near her home at 7:25 one morning, and then again a week or so later at 6:30 pm in a nearby car park.

Monday 7 February 2011

Black leopard seen at Sissinghurst

On 6th February 2011, a Mr Hamilton and his girlfriend were travelling from Sissinghurst towards Goudhurst on the A262 - a mile out of Sissinghurst, when a large black cat ran from left to right across the road, 10-15 metres ahead. The animal slinked into woodland. A black leopard has also been seen on several occasions at Lydd, on the marsh at Romney. The witness, a female, saw a similar animal 15 years previous.

Saturday 5 February 2011

Thursday 3 February 2011

The 'beast' of Blue Bell Hill seen several times!

It's always corny when local 'big cat' sightings are giving such outrageous headlines and legendary names. The so-called 'beast' of Blue Bell Hill has never been tied to the village, and combs a territory stretching far into Maidstone, also towards Sittingbourne, and the outskirts of the Medway Towns. Over the Christmas period and colder months of 2011 the animal - a black leopard - has been observed on several occasions around Wigmore and Gillingham. Some may scoff at such reports near a busy town, but many fail to remember that Gillingham harbours a lot of woodland, particularly towards Bredhurst and Hartlip, and also a large nature reserve on the Lower Rainham Road which is flanked by marshes. Recently a fox was found eaten in the lower Gillingham area in the vicinity of a farm where a male witness, on two occasions, has seen a large, dark-coloured cat. A smaller black leopard was also seen recently in Wigmore by a couple who were awoken at 3:11 am by their security light which overlooks the back garden. There was no sign out the back of what triggered the light but when the male witness noticed the front security light come on he rushed to the window and was shocked to see a very large, black cat in the road. When the witness opened the window the cat faced him and moved into a crouching position which unnerved the witness even though he was some forty-feet away and safe upstairs. The animal then ran off down a neighbouring driveway.