Friday 28 March 2014

Another Sevenoaks sighting...

Just received this as a follow up to the recent Sevenoaks sightings:
" I ran into the same animal (or at least it seemed to match your profile of it) this morning 28/03/14 returning from work in the early hours. Driving down Blindhouse Lane towards Stone Street I encountered a large cat moving down the middle of the road, the cat too large to be a domestic cat ran down the road jumping the bank impressively into an adjoining field. I stopped at the point the cat entered the field & called to it. It stopped briefly looked back then ran off. I shined a torch into the field for a minute or two trying to see the animal however it had disappeared. It clearly lives close by."

Thursday 27 March 2014

Recent Sevenoaks sighting...

There has been lots of activity recently hence lack of updates, including this recent report from 25th March 2014 at Sevenoaks:

"We saw it from knole park whilst on a hill looking toward the back hill of holly Bush. It ran along the hill in a flash and went up towards the blackberry bushes at the other side. It was giant about 6 foot long and jet black with a long tail. We ran to the hill at holly bush and looked up the hill but no one was on it and it was gone. There was no chance it was a dog or a horse or anything."