Sunday 18 March 2007

How did KENT BIG CAT RESEARCH come about ?

In the early 1980's Neil Arnold began hearing whispers of large, slinking animals prowling the countryside around his home in Kent. Despite always having an interest in cryptozoology (the study of hidden animals) and folklore, the possibility that 'big cats' were roaming his backyard fired his interest to start logging the reports.

Today, Neil Arnold writes for magazines, and has worked with Sky News, the BBC, ITV, various radio stations, and hundreds of newspapers.

His aim is simply to make the public more aware that these animals exist, and protection for such creatures is his ideal aim but he doesn't believe that such an action will ever take place, sadly.

KENT BIG CAT RESEARCH is the county's only official investigation into such felids and the evidence for them. He is NOT associated with other so-called Kent 'big cat' researchers.
(picture left) Chris Packham with Neil Arnold.

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