Wednesday 9 July 2008

Rare Amur leopards.

Feature from Kent Online on the breeding of rare Amur leopards at the big cat foundation in Smarden.

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I have been around big cats since I as a small child and have a lot of hands on experience with leopards going back years and aspire to ahve my own sanctuary one day.
So it is a real treat for me to visit the rare felidae Trust called THE CAT SURVIVAL TRUST
Phone 01438 716873 ask for Dr Terry Moore (Director)
web link
The CAT SURVIVAL TRUST is a registered charity that is home to many fine felidae especially 2 gorgeous Amur leoaprds with beautiful markings.
The Trust is also home to the largest collection probabaly in the UK of rare felidae many o whom are in breeding programmes such as the snowleopards and puma and are doing very well.
The Trust is also home to jaguar,lynx,caracals,serval,bob cats,geffroys cat,margey and ocelot!
All are fabulous and all have their own little personalities as well!!!
The TRUST is run entirely by dedicated volunteers so that all monies collected in subs and donations can go directly to the cats welfare and isnt lost in wages and admin.
A lot of the cats were taken in as unwanted as many collections shut down and some were even taken in by the local authority by people keeping them in unsuitable environments.
The Trust has won many awards both here and in S America where the 2nd much alrger sanctuary is which is unique in that the cats live as wil and their whole eco structure is beautifully preserved as well.
So for all you lovers of conservation of leopards why dont you join up,come down and see these beautiful cats and if you ahve building experience volunteers are alwsy sought to help with the massive new cage building project for the larger cats that is ongoing presently.
Hope to see you soon!