Tuesday 3 February 2009

More Sussex big cat sightings.

Two witnesses have come forward to report seeing a black leopard, in separate parts of Sussex. The first sighting took place at the end of Jan' at a golf course in Brighton, owned by Brighton & Hove Council. A dog walker watched as a massive black cat bounded across the course in broad daylight and headed off into undergrowth. Around the same time, but in Battle, a male witness walking his two dogs heard a commotion as if the dogs had cornered an animal which was hissing aggressively at them. As the man approached he saw a big, black cat which speedily raced towards the woods.


Dave said...

There is a report of a sheep attack the day after in this paper.

Pilly said...

Tonight, 26 March 2009, at approx 2015 hours, I saw a HUGE non-domestic black cat in front of a hedge by the A27 near Polegate.

I was driving towards Brighton from Eastbourne, and had just got onto the A27 past the Indian Restaurant and Pub - the road was clear in front of and behind me, and I slowed as I saw the huge (as high as the hedge - 3 foot plus!) thick-set, powerful looking black wild cat, looking at me - it's green eyes reflected back the sidespill from my headlights. I was always sceptical ( I live in Bevendean, home of the alleged 'Beast of Bevendean') about these wild cats before tonight, but not any more. Thank gawd I was in the car!

Unknown said...

while putting out the rubbish i saw a large grey cat walking along the pavement. It was definately not a domestic cat, I could tell by the way it walked and it's long tail which swung from side to side tried to follow it but it dissapered. Spotted at 8.45 pm Kingsnorth Ashford Kent Coulter Road

kellie said...

outside the front of our house we have shared gardens its quiet big we saw a big grey colored cat today walk across very confidently its tail was very long and quiet fat and it did look like a normal cat but much bigger more like a meter long, it was fully in proportion in every other way just big and very confident it crouched down and sprayed up the shed and seemed to be really looking around and aware then it was gone.
we live in Herneby Kent near a railway line

kellie said...

Today we had a large grey cat with a long tail walk very confidently and slowly across our garden crouch and scent the shed and then disappear .
This cat was a lot bigger than a normal cat and a lot more alert its tial was as long as the cat and it was at least a meter long and quiet muscular.This happened at around 11am in hernebay kent