Thursday 5 March 2009

On the track of the mystery prowler.

A set of paw-prints found recently at Southern Valley Golf Club were all too quickly dismissed by 'experts' as belonging to a dog, whilst local press believed such prints were made by a 'big cat'. However, it seems that both parties are incorrect in their statements and we have an even bigger mystery on our hands. Do the prints belong to a member of the Mustelid family ? Zoologist Richard Freeman believes the impressions resemble those made by a wolverine, or a smaller animal such as the Fisher, although the prints are almost as long as a footprint made by a size 10 shoe!

The Centre For Fortean Zology have posted a link to the paw-prints HERE and whatever made them is around four-feet in length, walks on all fours, and has an elongated heel, unlike a badger. Richard Freeman commented that although the wolverine has five claws, the fifth claw is not always evident.

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