Friday 25 September 2009

Is this a photo of the 'Palace' puma/panther ? (OF COURSE NOT!!)

Tragically the 'Palace puma' story is now nothing more than a farcical fiasco, which DID stem from a genuine encounter with a black leopard. However, now a Ms Mazur has claimed to have photographed the local beast - even though the photo is nothing more than a domestic cat. Sadly, it's this kind of rubbish which tarnishes research into such matters.

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Andrew D. Gable said...

Yeah, you can very clearly tell it's a domestic - you can see the little white patch the otherwise black cat has under its chin. Mistaking domestics for pumas somewhat reminds me of a case we had here where people saw a 'tiger' running around - investigators later tracked it to a plain orange tabby cat running through a field.