Wednesday 24 February 2010

'Beast' of Blue Bell Hill seen again...

During the early hours of February 24th a Medway woman reported the following:

'I was driving tonight around midnight up Pier Road in Gillingham heading towards Twydall when a big cat run across the road just before the round about. It ran up the hill into the marshes. It was definitely black in colour as it was under a street lamp, I cannot be sure exactly how big it was as I was a distance away but it was definitely bigger than a fox or your average cat. It had a long tail with a curve in it and the only other thing I noticed was how broad it was. This animal was very fast and I only see it for a few seconds before it ran off up the hill, I hope this information will be of interest to you.'

This is the third time in a month a big, black cat has been seen around Lower Rainham Road and toward the marshes of Gillingham.

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