Wednesday 29 September 2010

Exotic cat sightings...September 2010

Each month a post will appear updating readers of the number of 'big cat' sightings for that particular month.
September 2010 - 28 sightings - (16 black leopard, 7 puma, 5 lynx)
Most recent - September 28th - 1:30 pm - Knight's Park, Longfield Road, Tunbridge Wells.
Two witnesses walking on woodland path. 200 yards away enormous gingery-coloured cat (puma) sauntered across path, stopped and stared at witnesses for a few seconds then slinked into undergrowth.


Unknown said...

was in strood saturday 9th medway vally near digger land, saw a ginger coloured large cat puma size chasing a dog both dissapeared near the train line rear of the mc donalds restrant was around 5pm seen by myself and wife and children the cat was slim but well formed and could run but was holding back as if the cat was toying with the dog.

Neil A said...

Hi Wayne, could you give me a call please, 07851602853
Best wishes