Friday 29 April 2011

Recent sightings

There have been recent sightings of a black leopard on the Romney Marsh and two miles inward from Herne Bay. The latter sighting took place Sunday 24th April at 12:30 pm. There have been five sightings of a large, black cat on the marshes at Romney.


Anonymous said...

sorry was trying too sort out this blog thing, so u ended up with a odd msg doh. anyway i have seen one of these big black cats in the frittenden area i did call you and spoke to you about it. still never heard any feed back from you about it tho. i have also heard a very strange growl one evening after returning home from work around midnight IT DEF WAS NOT A DOG. the growl was a blood curdling noise as if it was a warning too keep away. i did not see anything but what ever it was! was very close to me. also around 6months ago i spoke to you about my dog that went mental when see heard something out the back garden at about 2am. when i looked out there was nothing there however my dog WOULD NOT GO TO THE TOP OF THE GADEN FOR OVER 2 WEEKS???

Web Owner said...

It appears to be a bit of a hotspot at present Neil. Penny :)