Monday 25 July 2011

Two sightings on 22nd July 2011

Several 'big cat' sightings have been reported recently, two were from the same night. At 8:30 pm on 22nd July (Friday) 2011 a lady driving along the Bayham Road, between Bells Yew Green and Lamberhurst saw a large animal which came down the bank on the left-hand side and crossed into undergrowth. The animal, which measured approximately four-feet possibly a puma, was uniform in colour with a long tail. Three hours later a large, black cat was seen by a male witness in Bromley. At 11:30 pm the witness was alerted by a strange noise in his garden and shone his torch out of the window and picked up a large cat walking round the garden around 70-feet away. The cat was at least three-feet in length and it's eyes reflected orange. The witness was adamant it was not a fox or domestic cat as it was too high in the body.

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