Wednesday 3 August 2011

Recent sheep kill and sightings

An undisclosed area in Kent is currently under investigation after several sightings of a black leopard which left a sheep kill. A female witness saw the large, black cat on 21st July as it crossed a village road and headed into a churchyard. Around the same time a sheep carcass was discovered by the woman as she walked her dog. The carcass had been found away from the flock, under the shelter of trees, and was completely stripped, only the skull and spine remained. The rib cage had been completely chewed, and there was no sign of the fore legs or shoulder blade. What was left of the spine harboured two puncture marks in the throat.

On 25th July a black leopard was witnessed at Minster, on the Isle of Sheppey, by a woman staying at a caravan park. This is also under investigation.

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