Monday 24 October 2011

Big cat sightings around London ? Now read the book.

MYSTERY ANIMALS OF THE BRITISH ISLES: LONDON is a brand new book from Neil Arnold. Weighing in at over 300 pages, and published by CFZ Press, this unique volume looks at a bizarre menagerie of creatures said to have roamed England's capital city. With a whole chapter devoted to tales of the Surrey puma, the beast of Sydenham, the Winchmore Hill lioness, the Edgware tiger, and the Shooters Hill cheetah, MYSTERY ANIMALS OF...LONDON is a must have for any naturalist, historian, folklorist or anyone with an interest in the unusual. Forget Sherlock Holmes...Neil Arnold ventures into the concrete jungle and from its darkest corners investigates tales of vampires, giant rats, huge out of place birds, unusual River Thames inhabitants, insect swarms, rampant wolves, ghostly bears and animals which have escaped zoo parks and menageries. The book, available from Amazon, is the first of its kind to collate sightings, reports and evidence of unusual animals in the city. Perfect reading for a crisp autumnal evening.

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