Wednesday 28 March 2012

Black leopard seen at Ulcombe, again

"I sighted a black cat this morning at about 11:15 this morning (24/3/2012). I was walking down Windmill hill towards Pie Corner with my dog and I saw a black object which at first glance looked like a black rubbish bag on the side of the road.  I was about 200 yards away as I got closer it turned out to be a large black cat and it was going to the toilet, at this point it was about 100 yards away from me. It looked up at me and the dog, it finished what it was doing, got up and ambled across the road showing no fear. It went through a hedge and disappeared. I went to where I thought it went through the hedge to see if I could see it in the field but it was not to be seen. I went back to where it had gone to the toilet to look for scat but could not find anything so I guess it was having a wee."

"It was strange there were two pheasants wandering near by one only a few feet away from it, they seemed not nervous of it and it did not have any interest in them so I guess it had eaten. The cats tail was long, I would think as long as its body and had the head of a leopard and I am guessing I would think it was a very young adult ( not quite a kitten and not quite an adult) adolescent is the word I was trying to think of. I hope this is of help."

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