Thursday 23 August 2012

Black leopard seen near Channel Tunnel

This isn't the first time this type of headline has appeared in Kent. Large cats have been seen on several occasions within the vicinity of the Channel Tunnel and also rail link - an animal such as a leopard would use a railway line to navigate its route. A few days ago a large black cat was seen at Folkestone by a motorist who described the animal as clearly a "panther" that crossed the road a few metres away. Over the past year there have been numerous sightings at Dover also, particularly in the Western Heights area. August has been an exceptionally busy month for sightings, the most recent coming from the Thong area of Gravesend when a woman walking her dog across a field observed a big, black cat that did not fit the size or description of any known UK animal.

An animal roaming this particular area would have a vast territory taking in the country parks of say, Shorne and Vigo and dense woods of Cobham through to Meopham. Whether this is the same animal seen down towards Snodland and Haling over the years we are unsure as there are clearly more than one melanistic leopard and puma roaming the town and its outskirts. Lynx have also been observed on numerous occasions recently.

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