Tuesday 18 September 2012

Kent 'big cat' updates

Over the past few weeks there have been more reports, mostly of black leopard in the Kent wilds and including the recent discovery of a deer carcass, photographed by James Mitson. The throat area of the animal sported several puncture marks. A black leopard has been reported from the Allington area of Maidstone by a female witness who observed the animal in her back garden. She reported the sighting to the police. There have also been a number of sightings from an undisclosed area of rural Gravesend where two black leopards have been sighted together.

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Unknown said...

I was running down Wrotham Road Gravesend two years ago, and saw a huge, very dark cat with a very long thick tail sprinting left to right across this field. http://goo.gl/maps/0GJaj

It looked to me like a black panther but I shrugged it off until I heard about similar sightings recently. Really very interesting stuff!