Monday 10 December 2012

Recent December sightings...

December so far has been a relatively quiet month for sightings, the most recent concerning a black leopard near Blue Bell Hill. Sussex appears to be the more busier county at the moment - there's been three sightings reported in the last few days, the most impressive near Lewes concerning a former zoo keeper who was travelling to see a friend on December 5th, at around 4:00 pm when a large cat crossed the road around twenty-feet ahead. The witness reported, "I'd heard about the sightings previously in the area but never believed such animals could exist, but this was clearly a melanistic leopard - it was a big animal, low to the ground, and had a long tail but having worked in the vicinity of leopards years ago, it was the shape of the head that stuck in my mind. When I told my friend about what he'd seen he wasn't convinced, until his wife mentioned that around five years ago she'd seen a similar cat near Horsham. Mind you, it doesn't matter who sees such an animal, some people are always sceptical, but I know what I've seen and no-one will convince me otherwise."

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