Friday 16 August 2013

Strange occurrence at Southfleet

"At 11.50 pm last night (14/8/2013)I was woken by a strange sound , I didn't know what it was , I lay there in the dark and heard the same sound again about a minute later ,( coming from outside , all my bedroom windows were open) I can only describe the sound as a deep purr or growl, I heard my father in the bedroom next to me get up , he had obviously been woken up by the sound also , whist i was frozen in my bed, my father got out of his and looked out of the window and at the end of the roof below him he could clearly see a big black cat with broad shoulders  with a long thick tail coiled around him, the cat sat there for a few moments, then  got up pounced off the roof and swaggered off into the darkness.The sound it made which woke me was very disturbing , I have never heard anything like it in my  life."

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Unknown said...

I was is Norfolk holt last year walking the dog through the wood and I had walked ahead around the corner and heard this strange sound like a coughing it was quite loud it wasn't like your average cough though more like a loud echoing cough that the sound was cut out at the end it was really bizarre. I know it sounds odd but it was a really distinctive sound I had never heard before needless to say I had a speedy walk back round te corner put the dog on the lead and went back to the car. I don't know how to explain but you know when you just aren't welcome and you don't feel safe. Strangest sound I've ever heard has anyone heard any sound like this whatever it was it didn't sound happy ?