Wednesday 6 November 2013

British big cats

The British 'big cat' situation has been hotly debated for a few decades now, and this debate will no doubt continue regardless of whatever evidence comes to light. However, it's a 'scene' which brings with it a variety of individuals, most of whom - whatever walk of life they come from - simply having the aim of wanting to know more about these animals and prove they exist. Of course, the British 'big cat' situation also brings with it its fair share of sceptics which is understandable but the saddest thing of all are the amount of cranks involved who crawl out of the woodwork. We've always been of the opinion that there's no such thing as bad publicity but it really is sad when some people feel the need to personally abuse those involved in this research. When one considers that children, as well as adults show an interest in this sort of thing, it's rather worrying when internet trolls, bullies, or whatever you want to call them, feel the need to hide behind pseudonyms and continually slag off those who like to spend their time doing this sort of research. 

The main issue of course is that no evidence is considered good enough for some, and that's fair enough, everyone has an opinion on what can and cannot be but isn't really pathetic when numerous individuals feel the need to actually take time out of their 'busy' schedule to direct personal abuse at those who simply like to go out and look for evidence on this sort of thing. Everyone loves a mystery, but we really do feel for any young generation of folk who've only just started in this field, because there really are some hilarious cowards out there who spend all of their time spouting negative rubbish without realising that their emails etc are quite easy to trace back to source. We've always found it quite flattering that some individuals take time out to spread such negativity, there's certainly no such thing as bad publicity but some people really do have a bee in their bonnet when it comes to 'big cats' and those involved with searching for them.

No-one is claiming to be an expert especially when we are dealing with a situation that has not been officially recognised in the UK, but there's nothing worse than those who a) refuse to look at any evidence presented, b) are so wrapped up in their own ego that they can't find the time to be civil. It's no wonder that the police have been contacted on several occasions about certain internet 'trolls' - all evidence is open to debate and healthy discussion but when things get personal it's a sorry state of affairs. It's no wonder some people are hesitant to not only report their sightings but also take up their own form of research. It seems that a number of scientists and the like are coming on board to analyse certain evidence etc, but there will always be pathetic people out there who can only resort to petty remarks to pump their ego - of course, these are the sort of people with nothing better to do and certainly do not have the decency to say things to people's faces, but thanks to some good old fashioned research and nice people there's no hint that the British 'big cat' situation and its researchers are going to go away, because despite what the cynics say, the evidence is mounting.

At some point a 'big cat' may be caught on film, clear as day, but ideally we need to get the scientists etc more involved, but of course, not every piece of evidence can be analysed, and not every zoologist can give their time to spend day after day holed up in the countryside looking for such cats, but there'll always be sad individuals around who are gutless but thanks to these hilarious people, more and more people are taking to the woods looking for evidence. People want to learn, and that can't be stifled.

There is a lot of evidence to suggest large predatory cats ARE roaming the wilds of the UK, and there will always be people out there to dismiss not just the evidence, but those who conduct their search. That's life, but for those of you who wish to seek such animals, remain positive and remember, there are idiots everywhere...and where would the world be without them?!

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