Sunday 19 January 2014

East Farleigh lynx

"My friend was driving along Dean Street,  East Farleigh heading towards Coxheath at around 0200 this morning (18th Jan' 2014). Around 50 metres before the Horseshoes pub he saw a lynx run across the road from right to left in front of his van. It jumped around two metres (vertically) from the road to clear an obstacle on the left hand side of the road but appeared unable to clear it and "bounced" back into the road before running back across the road (crossing it in 2 bounds)  from left to right, jumping a fence and disappearing into a field usually occupied by horses. He observed the lynx initially from around 40 metres and the entire sighting lasted about 3 seconds.  He as absolutely positive it was a Lynx. It was observed as grey, around 1 metre long,  stocky with a short tail and pointed ears. He is familiar with the species as he originates in Poland where they exist in the wild." 

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