Tuesday 29 April 2014

A few more sightings:

1) It's mad I only just found this site! I want to comment on all these sightings in the sevenoaks area, i used to fish sundridge lakes nr sevenoaks and I see one whilst shooting rabbit, I was around 50 yards tops away could be the same animal tbh it just stopped dead looked at me and walked off not scared at all me and my dad tried looking for 1 min later vanished!!!! i looked into it i believe its a black leopard?"

2) "At 6-50 this morning (26/4/2014)I was looking out of my bedroom window and saw a large black cat walk past a tree.  It caught my eye by the sheer size of it  and the length of the tail.  As I watched it, it turned and began to run slowly across the field. It runs with a slight limp. It remained in view and was distinguishable as a cat way into the distance.  It looked like a black panther and was slightly smaller than a sheep but at least three - four times the size of my cat, who when in the field opposite looks tiny in comparison.  I live in westwell, kent."

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