Tuesday 10 June 2014

That 'photo' debate continues...

I'd like to thank a chap called Trevor for this recent email regarding the alleged 'swimming cat' image:
"I would just like to say that; David who took the photograph is a very honest person and he would not lie or try to manipulate any of his pictures he takes, David worked for us over a number of years and you couldn't ask for a more honest professional person, he called around to our workshop yesterday and showed us the picture to which I/we think is an incredible shot, this picture is of a feline species and as the picture was taken at some distance the animal is of reasonable size, Dave estimates it could be 4ft long, the water in that area is fairly shallow, Dave is more of an old school photographer and does not use fancy computer software, so in my/our opinion and knowing Dave personally this is a great picture, and I wish that some of these skeptics out there would perhaps except the image, and give Dave some positive response and accept that this is a great picture and get out there and try and capture some images or prove its not.

Many thanks for this Trevor. No-one is doubting David, and I enjoyed chatting to him on the phone. As with any photograph of this ilk it's only natural that people will try to prove or disprove its authenticity which is fair enough. There is no information as yet to determine just how deep/shallow that section of water is but for those who believe the 'object' is a great crested grebe need to only look at these images to see that it isn't.  Even as a grebe turns to the side, the 'tufts' are extremely close together and the body of the grebe would certainly be smaller than the ducks as it's some fifty yards or so behind. Deer, otter, mink, seal, dog, domestic cat, fish, birds have been ruled out by many but whilst some believe the image shows a cat we just cannot be 100% sure. It's just a shame there were not more photographs or even better if this had been film footage, but as it is it remains another inconclusive photograph. If this was a puma swimming in deep water then it would be more submerged, so until we can find out depth of water it remains a mystery. Many thanks.

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