Saturday 6 June 2015

'Beast of Blue Bell Hill' fresh sighting....

"Having just browsed the internet and come across your ‘Kent Big Cat Research’ website, I thought you may be interested in something I saw today. I was playing a round of golf with 2 friends at Cobtree Manor Park Golf Course at the bottom of Bluebell Hill, and was on the 8th green at about 10:15 this morning, when I saw a very large black animal come out of the woods about 100m away, walk along the edge of the woods for about 15m, and then disappear back into the woods. It looked to be larger than an Alsatian, but it definitely wasn’t a dog - it padded along with the gait of a cat. One of my friends also saw it, but he only had a fleeting glimpse at it went back into the woods."

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