Friday 16 October 2015

Latest Kent 'big cat' sighting...

I feel the need to tell someone as I saw something tonight (15/10/2015).
I was coming back from collecting something from a farmhouse along bogshole lane between whitstable & blean.
there is a long narrow drive about 1/4 mile long down to the road I was about 100 yards from the end when I saw a large black object jump across the lane. It scared me
Then I could see a set of bright yellow eyes in the headlights as I got closer it moved off again across the lane fast but right in front of me.
about 3 foot tall it's tail is what stuck in my mind it was big.
Now I'm no cat expert but this was a cat & a big cat. so black and fast
I'm still in shock it has made the hairs on my neck stand on end just thinking about it.
so surreal

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