Tuesday 31 May 2011

Fresh Ashford and Maidstone sightings

On 29th May 2011 at 9:30 pm in the vicinity of Kingsnorth/Mersham, a couple were walking their puppy when in the distance they observed a large black animal they at first took to be a dog. Waiting for the owner to appear the witnesses were then extremely surprised at the speed which the animal used to ran across the field. The animal, which was clearly a large, black cat, then turned towards them and the couple, in alarm, picked their dog up and hurried home.

On 30th May at 10:30 am a Bearsted man was working in his back garden when he saw a big, black cat with a shiny coat and extremely long tail sauntering through the undergrowth. The animal appeared to be in no particular hurry and disappeared into undergrowth behind the shed of the witness. At Ditton a man found that four of his chickens had been completely eaten by a predator which killed unlike any animal he knew of. Only a few feathers remained of the carcasses. This echoed a similar report mentioned briefly in The Sun newspaper of Saturday 28th May in which it was stated that ten geese had been killed at a pond in Aylesford. Aylesford is just a few miles from Ditton.

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