Saturday 14 May 2011

Hartley Bottom sighting

"My friends and I were driving through Hartley Bottom last night (12th May 2011) at about

11.15 when we saw about 30 yards or so in front of us a fox go across the

road followed by a black creature and then another fox. I was driving and

didn't say anything, a couple of minutes later one of my friends asked if I

thought that was a panther crossing the road. We then realised that we had

all seen the same thing and decided we felt it was too big to be a domestic


It was probably the size of a labrador dog but had a feline sleek shape and
 the movement was quite different to the fox it was more of a glide.

 What was strange was that it appeared to be quite close to the foxes. Have

you ever heard of this before?"

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Avanti Arabians said...

Hi, yes I live in hartley bottom and have seen the cat twice in the past 2 weeks, our horses have been very spooked the last couple of weeks,