Friday 19 July 2013

Big cat in Essex

On Wednesday 17th July 2013 a man and his daughter driving in a car on the M25 junction 28 (Brentwood) spotted a massive black cat stalking through a field 150 metres away. The time was 9pm when the cat was witnessed moving slowly through the field. The witnesses in question knew the animal was an extremely large cat as they'd observed one previously in Kent a few years ago. The animal they described was a black leopard (panther) which in the past has been dubbed the 'beast of Brentwood'. However, despite the tacky headlines, such animals have been seen throughout Essex over the last century but things came to a rather embarrassing climax last year when witnesses claimed to have seen a lion on the loose at St Osyth even though such an animal could not survive in the UK wilds. Of course, the 'lion of Essex' became perfect headline fodder for unreliable and sensational major tabloids who had a field day with a fuzzy photograph showing a domestic cat in a field. However, over the years both black leopard and puma have been observed throughout the county. The area in question has been know for its deer population so it will be interesting if such a carcass turns up. One of the witnesses added: "We had a very clear view as it was on a hill. There were no other animals grazing in that field but in the field next to it were lots of deer."

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