Tuesday 9 July 2013

Sighting update...

Due to lecture commitments and writing the blog has been rather quiet but there have been numerous reports of late, all black leopard, from Staplehurst, Gravesend, Maidstone, Dover, Canterbury and Sevenoaks. We are currently in the process of analysing what looks to be leopard scat which was found recently not far from rural Sittingbourne, hopefully we can update you soon. A majority of the reports we've received over the last two months - and there have been nineteen of them - have concerned motorists travelling at dusk with an animal crossing the road. Motorists, alongside dog-walkers, seem the most likely people to see 'big cats' in the wilds, due to being in more remote areas, with some motorists taking lonely back roads. Sadly, a photograph doing the rounds recently on the internet showing a cat slinking alongside some bins is nothing more than just a normal cat - despite a handful of people claiming the cat is "unusual". The cat is far from unusual, because it IS a domestic cat, but as usual, witnesses do at times get excited by blurry photographs. For more intriguing 'panther' footage we recommend the recent Louisiana 'panther' story (with images) to show how authorities, and the public in general respond with regards to so-called 'big cat sightings. The footage can be viewed HERE and whatever the animal is, it's large and does not resemble the 'bobcat' the authorities claimed has left tracks.

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