Wednesday 18 May 2016


"My wife and I went out for a drive and to get petrol from minster around 12:30 am we were on the A256 towards plucketts gutter turn of to gore street when in the car headlights we saw a black animal shot across the road my brain didn't quite comprehend why it would be black in headlights. It's eyes were yellow pin pricks in the headlight as it turned it's head towards us. It was to big to be a domestic cat or was quite large maybe bigger than a dog but seemed larger My wife described it's tail as long and thin and it was curved then straight sort of bent. It was all over in less than a second and it was around 50 metres in front of us, I went quite and wanted to turn the car round to check what I'd just seen as it seemed a bizarre experience. Think we may have seen a big cat"

For an update of local sightings and evidence visit the Facebook page BIG CATS IN KENT

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