Monday 21 March 2016


"never thought this would happen to me i was driving back from marden to paddock wood this evening (20th March 2016) and just out side paddock wood on a rd called peasons green rd junction of the turning to old hay scrap yeard i saw in the distance in my head lights what i first thought was the second sighting that night of a fox crossing the rd in front of me but what i saw it was just in range of my head lights a anamal that was bigger then a fox but much taller, higher at the back then the front a long tail, also light in colour but a dark shadow from the tail going along the back, it was a long way off but defo not a deer it was some thing i had never seen before i have lived in the kent country side all my life , am pissed of i was noe a few feet closer with the lights when it crossed the rd"

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