Tuesday 7 June 2011

Dover sighting involving six witnesses

"Just a quick one to report a sighting of what looked like a black leopard. It was on the 30th of May at about 6 in the morning up on top of the napoleonic fort set in the western heights above Dover.

There was a group of 6 of us and we all got a good look and quickly came to the conclusion that it was a very large black cat. About the size of a German Shepherd but with distinctly feline looking ears and face and stalked off like a cat with the shoulder blades going up and down like cats do whilst creeping along and an incredibly long tail.

It was a magnificent sight and there's wasn't a shadow of doubt what we all saw."
Interestingly, a few years back faeces were found in the area of Dover Castle and sent off for analysis. These come back as belonging to a leopard.

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