Thursday 9 June 2011

Warehorne black leopard and Sussex lynx

After a recent flurry of reports from East Kent comes another report, this time of a black leopard seen in the Warehorne vicinity. Warehorne sits on the edge of Romney Marsh, where in the past large, exotic cats have been reported, as well as the vicinity of Orelstone Forest. On June 4th at 7:30 pm a woman walked into her back garden to quieten her four dogs which had been barking at something the the adjacent field. Thinking a fox was mooching around the area she was surprised to see a large cat - which she described as, the size of a German Shepherd dog, ran across the field. The sheep in the field were not agitated by the presence of the animal as it headed off toward the nearby wood. The previous day a woman walking her dogs a few miles away also observed an enormous black cat. During early June a lynx was observed in the Chichester area of West Sussex. The animal was described by a witness as being larger than a fox and covered in black spots.

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