Friday 17 June 2011

More sightings of black leopard across Kent

Several more black leopard sightings have been reported. On the night of Thursday 16th June 2011 a Rolvenden man claimed to have filmed a black leopard on his mobile phone. The following day, Friday 17th June, a couple driving towards Ashford, from the Hamstreet area, at 3:00 pm were shocked when a a four-foot long black cat sped across the road around fifty yards away. The male witness described the cat as being four-feet in length and having a long tail. The witness realised immediately that the animal was a black leopard as he'd seen one the previous year in the area of Susan's Hill.

Another report was received from Ulcombe of a black leopard seen by a female motorist and there have been several more Dover sightings.

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