Tuesday, 2 June 2009

Sightings around Dartford

Have you seen a large,e xotic cat around Dartford ? Over the last few weeks, there have been sightings of both black leopard and puma in the Dartford area. The most recent being on the 31st May when a woman travelling on a coach spotted a large animal stalking through a field of horses and thei foals. The cat was described as three-feet in length, with a very long tail. A few weeks previous a black leopard was observed by a family as it sunned itself on their garden bench in the Wilmington area.

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SelfSilent said...

Have lived in Dartford all my life and have often heard of the big cat sightings but I just saw it myself around the garages behind St Vincents Road about 20:30 today.

After a quick look at pictures on the internet it was definitely a black panther. I saw him as he saw me and he shot off.

Amazing looking animal.