Thursday, 3 March 2011

Sevenoaks and Bickley sightings

After a few days of a number of sightings, the most impressive came from Bickley (male witness heard on several occasions a piercing scream and his mother observed a puma in the garden) and Sevenoaks from which the following report was submitted:

'I thought I would like to let you know I saw a big black cat in my garden at about 7am yesterday Tuesday March 1st 2011. I live in Morleys Road, Sevenoaks Weald, Kent. As I left the house to go to work the cat was standing beside our pond watching a duck which flew off as I opened the door. It was about 20 yards from me. It walked slowly away and jumped onto a low brick wall, As I walked round to take a photograph it jumped back down. As I walked back to get a better look it jumped back over the wall and walked off fairly slowly through the undergrowth up the slope behind. I took 2 photos with my mobile phone but unfortunately they are poor quality and the perspective doesn't do justice to it's size. It was definitely larger than a domestic cat-perhaps twice as long and twice as tall- and made me gasp with surprise when I opened the door and saw it. I have had 2 or 3 other sightings of similar animals in the garden over the last 10 years. I hope this is of interest to you.'

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fieldysx said...

I spotted a big cat in Morley road last yr.
I was driving a lorry over the bridge . When
I looked down onto the rail tracks I saw what
I believed to be a big very dark grey cat walking
Along the rail tracks. Obviously I was looking down
Onto it. But I would say it was as big as a german
Shepard dog. As soon as I could I pulled my lorry
Over and ran bak to get a pic. But I was excited
And guess I made alot of noise running in my steel toe
Cap boot. When I looked down on to the line
All that was left was half a rabbit where I had seen the
Cat. Dis report this to Richard snook at the time. Pleased
Someone else has seen something in the same
Place as I did.