Monday, 12 December 2011

Leopard sighting on marshes

Kent Big Cat Research will be investigating an undisclosed area of East Kent marsh land where a black leopard has been sighted by a dog walker (11th December) and remains of several animals have been found. The sighting, which took place at 2:30 pm concerned a dog walker whose pet ran off into a reed bed and startled an enormous black cat which bounded away from the undergrowth with a hare in its mouth. Further investigation by the witness revealed several sheep carcasses and other animal bones. Although animals such as the leopard do not have fixed dens, such an elusive predator may lay up somewhere where it is comfortable and drag prey into such an area. Females also raise their cubs in secluded areas - this could be under a fallen tree or such. Like so many sightings received each year, details will not be posted here, as this is clearly an area where a large cat has been resting up for a while. The last thing we need are trigger happy lunatics and newspaper reporters visiting the area.

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