Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Maidstone and Sussex sightings

A black leopard was sighted by a young girl near Harrietsham over the Easter period. The daylight sighting took place as she was walking thriugh the countryside on her way home, when she observed the animal pacing back and forth in the vicinity of a dead tree. The girl was so startled she ran the rest of the way home. Meanwhile, on 9th April there was a sighting in Sussex, reported as follows:
Monday 9 April,

'Your account of seeing a 'black leopard' is almost an exact description of what my girlfreind and i saw yesterday. We were on the outskirts of Cowden on Smithers Lane (turns into Furnace Lane Cowden end). Clear day, late afternoon and we saw what we could only describe as a big black cat. It was skirting the field along the hedgerow before crossing the field at a distance of roughly 500m all done at walking pace. Too far away to say 100% that it was a 'big cat' but we live just a few fields away and neither of us could put the sighting down to any other livestock/wild animal/cat or dog..(it moved just as you described..cat like).'

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