Monday, 9 September 2013

Margate black leopard sighting

"Hi I found you blog today and would like to report a sighting I had of a panther in Margate Kent last night 08/09/13.
I had just picked my daughter's up from the local pub (The old charles) at around 22:00 hrs on North down road and had driven up West park avenue ready to turn right up queen Elisabeth avenue. As I started to turn right I had to pull in tight almost doing a 3 point turn in the road as there was a large car transporter parked up just past the turn point on the road. 
My head light's caught a small red fox running out of the hedgerow with the fear of god in it's face, It looked petrified.
A second behind it was a huge jet black cat the size of a medium dog chasing the fox. It caught my head lights and slowed to a stand still letting the fox escape. Then turned and disappeared back in the  pitch black park.
 The panther was something like you get in Africa but was black and not spotted. I've seen spotted panthers in Africa whilst on safari but this was more menacing."
Margate doesn't feature heavily in regards to sightings of exotic cats but at night a large cat can prowl anywhere mostly undetected, especially if following the line of the coast.

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