Wednesday, 23 October 2013

A pair of leopards

There has been a recent sighting in rural Kent of two large black cats together. The animals, described as black leopards, could well be two cubs, two adults, or an adult with a cub and they were observed by a female motorist as they crossed a country road. This isn't the first time two black leopards have been spotted together in the area, and certainly not the first time there has been a suggestion of breeding populations in Kent with reports of several black leopards together emerging from areas such as Higham, Gravesend, Sevenoaks and Dover over the years.

A strange skeleton turned up recently in Worthing in Sussex leading witnesses to believe a dead 'big cat' had been found although it was more likely that the carcass belonged to a dog, but one that may well have been eaten by a large cat. Some argued that the skeleton belonged to a fox or even a foal.

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