Monday, 20 January 2014

Not in Kent but....

Sometimes we receive 'big cat' reports from elsewhere in the country and we like to post them up in case others may wish to try to follow them up. This one was recently sent regarding the Essex/Suffolk border:

"It was recommended by a friend of mine that I report this sighting to you, after being fobbed off by Haverhill Police Station
when I tried in vain to it to them.

On Sunday 19th Jan approx 2.30/3.00pm, we were driving across country from Radwinter to Haverhill.
It was a very clear and fine afternoon.

We took the Haverhill turn off from Steeple Bumpstead and not 30 seconds along the road I suddenly spotted what at
first I took to be a large black dog, easily jump a fence between fields some 400 yards away.

The animal moved very quickly and gracefully and started loping across the field to cut off the corner and I had it in perfect side view/profile.
I could immediately see it was a very large cat... jet black and sleek with a very long sinuous tail... After 2 or 3 seconds it turned and disappeared
into a small stand of trees/hazels adjacent to the field.

I would estimate the creature to be at least 2 feet tall at the shoulder and about 6 feet in length with the tail included...
maybe a little more considering the tail was so long.

Interesting point: Less than two minutes beforehand a herd of 20 or so startled deer bolted across the road right in front of us, all very skittish.
I wonder if this is connected with the cat sighting?"

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Anonymous said...

Good website. I am surfing about big cats in uk. Never really believed or cared about all the sightings as a Mancunian city dweller. Until that is, I was on holiday in South Wales Feb 2012, driving about a quarter of a mile a way from Carmarthen Bay Holiday Park on a back road. All of a sudden, emerging just in front of the car, came a muscle bound black cat. I knew it was a panther immediately. The cat was the same height as my next door neighbours Great Dane. The cat bounded at full pace in an unmistakeable movement. I know exactly what it was. Crazy there is not a consensus on big cats existing in uk.