Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Recent puma sighting

"I had quite a experience this afternoon (24/2/2014), I live in Sellindge, Kent and I was looking out of my patio windows across a small field at the back of my garden this afternoon when I noticed something coming up the field behind our house at around 3.50pm , straight away I knew it wasn't any normal indigenous animal or domestic cat. as it turned side on to us I called my wife over and at first she couldn't see it but then i moved into her field of view too. all this was approx 100 120 yrds away. The best description I can give is a sandy/fawn colouring, very short haired and the a dark colour from it's head to its rear end along it's back., which my wife describes as looking similar to when our dogs hackles are up. It's head was definitely feline but it look very small and out of proportion if that makes sense. one thing that sticks in my mind is it's tail, it was long and slender and curled upwards slightly towards the end. Sod law would say that my camera wasn't to hand and I stuck my boots on immediately and went down the field to see if I could see it gain but it had gone.

This isn't the first time I have seen a big cat, in 2005 I also saw a lynx whilst out shooting rabbits."


Anthony Millett said...

Hi Neil, coming home from night shift this morning 28/03/14 I see the very similar sized cat. Driving along Blindhouse Lane towards Stone Street the 'cat' was moving up the middle of the road. It seemed to know the area well as It jumped impressively up the bank into an adjoining field stopping as I got next to it. I called out to the cat which briefly stopped to look. I got out of the car shined a torch on the field however the animal had moved on through.

Anthony Millett said...

Hi Neil, I ran into the same animal (or at least it seemed to match your profile of it) this morning 28/03/14 returning from work in the early hours. Driving down Blindhouse Lane towards Stone Street I encountered a large cat moving down the middle of the road, the cat too large to be a domestic cat ran down the road jumping the bank impressively into an adjoining field. I stopped at the point the cat entered the field & called to it. It stopped briefly looked back then ran off. I shined a torch into the field for a minute or two trying to see the animal however it had disappeared. It clearly lives close by.