Sunday, 29 May 2011

Latest reports - Maidstone-related:

The Sun newspaper ran a strange and very brief snippet on Saturday 27th May concerning ten geese that were alleged to have been killed in the Aylesford area, a few miles from Blue Bell Hill. The newspaper stated that 'two escaped panthers' were being suspected. This strange, and vague story is now being investigated, as it appears unlikely that ten geese would be attacked by a large cat in one night, a predatory cat will usually stalk prey, and animals such as geese would be killed with a throat bite and then often removed from the area to be eaten elsewhere. A large cat - puma or leopard - would not ransack a flock and leave a gory mess but often take one or two and leave very little trace, and how the newspaper, or its source came up with the details of two escaped panthers is beyond us. No-one in the area owns leopards so it seems more likely that dogs were to blame until we can verify anything from the kills.

A Lenham farmer has been in touch to say that he has lost an alarming number of ducks etc, over the course of several months. These disappearances have coincided with a sighting of a puma. Also in Maidstone, a clear photo has emerged of a puma stalking through long grass. The photo is one of the clearest photo's of a large cat in the UK and hopefully it will be published as soon as we have clearance from the witness who took the photo.

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Hope springs Neil that a Large cat has at last been caught on camera in a formula that is credible. Penny :)