Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Possible Dymchurch sighting

'This is probably nothing, but my 13 yr. old son saw a large dark coloured animal at the end of our garden at dusk the night before last (15th May2011) . He said that it was about waist height ( he is 5' 10") our Jack Russell started barking & running up the garden, & the creature ran off.

I asked him what the tail was like , but he did not see the tail, it was around 8.30 in the evening, & beginning to get dark. It may have been a fox, although, it would have had to be a very large one!

It may be coincidence, but to my knowledge, at least two small dogs have gone missing in the vicinity recently, & on the school run this morning I saw a lady putting up a notice on a post about 1.5 miles from here, & having seen your website, confirming the sighting of a large black cat in the area. I am probably putting 2 + 2 together & coming up with 5, but I am now a bit concerned, & will not allow my dog out at night unaccompanied!'

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