Saturday, 4 February 2012

Leopard and lynx sighting...

A female witness has reported that whilst travelling through Grain, a remote 'isle' in Kent, she swerved and crashed her car to avoid a massive black cat which loped across the road. The woman stated categorically that the animal was only a few feet from the car, but when the witness - once she had removed herself from the damaged vehicle - told a friend he stated it must have been a cow!! A lynx has been seen in the Gravesend area after it was observed peering through the patio doors of a couple's home. The woman reported that she had walked into her front room and was startled when, "I looked out the back garden and the animal was just sitting there, casually looking back at me. It had tufted ears and a mottled coat. I called my husband and we both stared at the animal for a few minutes without even thinking about getting the camera. The animal then leapt down from the wall and headed off toward the marsh."

Lynx have been observed in several areas of Gravesend. A few years ago a man named Mick Cole claimed that he'd had his hand scratched after cornering an animal which at first he thought was a large fox. The animal which inflicted the wounds was a large cat. A male witness came forward to report that in 2009 he'd seen a puma in the Ide Hill area of Sevenoaks. Recently there have been several sightings of a black leopard in the area as well as a wild boar which damaged land.
A large cat has also been blamed for the death of a goat in Dartford, and in today's edition of The Sun newspaper it was mentioned that police had investigated a report over Christmas in the Sandwich area of East Kent, regarding the death of a trio of piglets. Why this story appeared over a month after the incident took place we'll never know.

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