Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Seaford 'big cat' update

This email received on 8th Feb': 'The cat was spotted the next day by a woman I know in her front garden, it left prints across her back garden. I've been here 15 years now & live next to the open downs where it roams in from, Seaford has enough twitterns etc for it to mooch about unseen & it always surfaces with snow, the sheep stick together more or are barned so less easy pickings & when the sheep are sent off for market too so the fields being empty brings it in.The foxes are very unsettled this week past & it isn't merely a delay on mating season.I'm keeping my cats in now though they're none to eager to go mooching & one of them loves snow but he's been glued to the windowsill.Tomorrow I'm going to stick meat out after dusk see what that rustles.'

If there is a large cat around the area, and it's leaving paw prints or any other evidence we'd like to hear from you please.

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